Volunteer Bio: Christiane von Gartzen

Let me start by saying how honored I feel that I was asked by Dr. Brennen to write this short bio about myself and why I choose to volunteer with Pets without Vets. Thank you, Robin!

Why do I volunteer? I love animals, often more than people. The population of stray/feral and unwanted dogs and cats is growing daily and the sad reality is that millions of animals are being euthanized every year in North America alone. I believe that we should try and improve the lives of these animals by doing spay/neuter clinics, provide health care if possible and speak for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Pets without Vets is a very hard working, professional, non-profit organization doing amazing work for free in mostly third world countries. I find it important to support such an organization and feel privileged to be associated with Pets without Vets. Other rescue groups locally at home and also abroad use me as a volunteer for rescue transports, couriering pups to new homes and fundraising.

High altitude mountaineering is a passion of mine and also a great way to fundraise for the non-profit groups I support. So far I have done two ” Climb for Paws” fundraising climbs and as long as I am capable I will continue to climb big mountains and raise funds for needy animals.

On the big scale of things it is only a tiny contribution; however I believe that it is better to do something then nothing at all. – Christiane von Gartzen