Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other voluntoursim organizations, Pets without Vets does not charge any fee to participate in a campaign.  Volunteers do pay their own airfare.  The host country is responsible for providing modest accommodations, most of which are donated by local businesses.  We request that lunch be catered in at the host country’s expense.  All other meals are the responsibility of the volunteer.  Pets without Vets will ensure that airport pick up and drop off are provided.  In addition, transportation to and from the clinic is taken care of.

Each campaign reserves 5 positions for seasoned Pets without Vets volunteers.  This is to ensure that there is adequate knowledge of our protocols to facilitate training and provide for the safety of our patients.  After that, it is first come-first served for each position we are recruiting for.

That depends.  In general, because we have a finite number of beds provided we can not always accommodate significant others unless that individual has experience in animal handling or is a member of the professional or para professional veterinary community.  The decision to allow significant others is based upon the campaign and number of beds required to house those that are providing a primary service.

To volunteer, you must be 18 years of age or older.

Yes, of course!  Unless you want to be stranded in the country you are traveling to, to re-enter the USA, you must have a valid passport.  For more information on obtaining a US passport, visit the US State Department website.

In general, only experienced spay and neuter veterinarians will be assigned to general surgery.  At this time, Pets without Vets does not have a surgical mentoring program.  Countries require proof of licensure and in some cases request a copy of a diploma.

Since we are veterinarians and not accountants, this question is best answered by your tax specialist.  However, IRS Publication 526 outlines how to deduct charitable contributions described as “Out­-of­-pocket expenses when you serve a qualified organization”.  Pets without Vets is a 501(c)3 charity.

Because the clinics are organized in a manner to enhance peak productivity, each volunteer is assigned a position that we request they remain in for the entire week.  Therefore, the volunteer needs to commit to be there for the entire campaign period.

Because we travel to countries where rabies may be endemic, it is highlyrecommended that volunteers that are primarily responsible for animal restraint be vaccinated against rabies.  However, it is not a requirement.  iI is advisable that you also have a current tetanus vaccine.  Other vaccine are dependent upon where we are working and recommendations will be made at the time the clinic recruitment is announced.

Pets without Vets volunteers are required to provide proof of insurance.  Your individual insurance policy will vary as to what is covered out of country.  As part of your volunteer agreement, you will be asked to sign a waiver indicating that you understand that Pets without Vets is not responsible for costs incurred due to illness or injury.  For additional, out of country insurance you may want to investigate World Nomads, Global RescueHTH Travel Insurance are a few vendors offering plans. 

For more information:

Pets without Vets relies on the dedication and commitment that each volunteer makes to help the animals.  Therefore, it is expected that you act in a professional manner, respect local cultural norms, show up for work on time, stay the entire day, take direction, give feedback and keep a positive attitude.  We also require you to have some fun!

It is best to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected.  Because we are dealing with animals, and communities that are not accustomed to veterinary health care or people who place a value on animals lives – days can be a challenge.  You will see things that will make you cry, cringe and question life.  But those very things will make you realize what a great gift you are giving.