(or, vacation with out relaxation!)

For most people, taking a vacation means getting away from it all. Feet up, book in hand, beach chair, umbrella drink, late nights and late mornings. Or maybe wandering through streets of a small town, in a foreign county doing whatever comes next. I suspect, if you are reading this, that is not what you are planning for your next adventure!

But, if fleas, ticks, extreme heat, long days, little rest, back aches, sleeping with strangers (not in the biblical sense hopefully), and unique food is what you are looking for, keep reading! If you want to use your skills, experience and vacation time helping animals that have no guardian angels, no person to love them, no access to medical resources to help them live a healthy life. We guarantee you will work hard, laugh hard, making lasting friends and witness a deep appreciation and gratitude from the animals and communities we are helping. You may be the one who kisses a dog on the nose or scratch a kitty behind the ears for their first and only time in their lives.

Pets without Vets is always looking to broaden their volunteer network. We need people like you:  caring, compassionate, generous individuals who want to do something to make a difference. To join our team and "Paw it Forward" click on the appropriate link  below to learn position details.

For more information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page

Volunteer Experience

Pets without Vets relies solely on the dedication of volunteers committed to assisting under privileged animals live healthier lives. Volunteers donate their time and travel expenses. Pets without Vets works with the host organization to supply modest accommodations free of charge and most meals are provided by local volunteers. We have stayed in some awesome places and eaten some fabulous meals!! In country expenses vary and specific information will be distributed during trip recruitment. Travel expenses may be deducted as a donation to Pets without Vets when we finally receive our non-profit status. Check with your accountant to see if this qualifies as a charitable gift.

A typical clinic requires 12-15 support staff to operate efficiently. The group consists of:

  • 4-5 Veterinarians
  • 4-5 Veterinary Technicians
  • 3-4 Veterinary Assistants
  • 3-4 Animal Wranglers