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Pets without Vets accepts inquires 24/7/365 - our mission is focused on community spay and neuter initiatives, basic wellness, disease eradication,  and humane education that is sustainable, and by that we mean - you are in it for the long haul.  One endeavor will make little difference and our preference is to partner with communities that have long term objectives and can commit resources for multiple clinics over a four year period.  Together, we can work out the details.  Services include:

  • Mash-Style Spay & Neuter Clinic
  • Large scale vaccination program
  • Disaster Relief consultant
  • Mass sheltering consultation*
  • Disaster planning*
  • Over-Population management*

* denotes possible fee for service

All endeavors are a collaborative effort.  Before you request assistance we ask that you:

  • Demonstrate a strong base of local support and resources, people that you can rely upon to assist in the planning and execution of an event of this magnitude.  
  • Verify that the principal organizer resides or operates within the community in need.
  • Have the ability to assist in fund-raising - in some capacity - large or small.
  • Ensure that the local community is open to the concept of your objectives and welcomes the help.  

Ready to take the first step? 

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