How One Woman Is Saving Puppies in Paradise

Our TCI Partner, Jane Parker-Rauw was recently interviewed by Women's Day. 

If English native Jane Parker-Rauw was going to needlepoint her motto onto a pillow, it would be: "There's a better way." Discussing her efforts to save and control the population of stray pups in Turks and Caicos, she's used the phrase many times—and she's certainly proven her point.

After moving to the island for her then-job, Jane noticed the extreme overpopulation of puppies known as "potcakes," an adorable Caribbean island breed that's a mix of German Shepherd, Labrador and Foxhound Terrier. She simply couldn't ignore the terrible treatment of these strays.

"They were always thought of as nuisances," she says. "They would get into the garbage cans, so people used to do horrible things. Shoot them, poison them, run them over just to try to get rid of them." Heartbroken, Jane knew there had to be a better alternative when it came to these pups.

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