Animal Wrangler

  • Strong skills in the capture and restraint of free- roaming dogs
  • Familiarity with animal restraint devices
  • Valid drivers license
  • Knowledge of animal behavior
  • It is highly recommended that this volunteer be vaccinated for Rabies, though it is not a requirement
  • Good judgment and observant of safety procedures
  • Ability to lift 25-40 pounds
  • Assist the local volunteers with the round up of animals. Often times, our clients either don’t have vehicles, or are unwilling to put their animal in their car. We have to go an collect them.
  • Most times the owner’s are able to handle the animals and get them into crates, other times you may be asked to capture the animal and secure them.
  • Pick up time starts early in the morning, and you will also be assisting in the drop off. This could extend pass the hours that the clinic is operating.
What to bring: 
  • Scrubs or durable clothing
  • Comfortable shoes – it is recommended that these be closed toed
  • Sunscreen, insect repellent
  • You are free to bring any piece of equipment you feel may aid you in doing your job
Clinic Support