Veterinarian Assistant

  • Experienced veterinary assistant, animal handler, kennel attendant or groomer will be considered
  • Must be comfortable restraining dogs and cats
  • Ability to lift 25-40 pounds
  • You will need to submit a resume
  • Intake/Kennel – Primary responsibility is to assist the doctor in examining the animals on intake, administering pre-medications and sedatives, maintaining cleanliness in the kennel area and observing the animals after they have been brought back out of recovery. Client interaction is likely, especially when discharging the animal.
  • Induction Assistant- Primary responsibility is to assist the Induction Technicians in the administration of anesthesia and surgical preparation. This is a position where there is a lot of lifting and bending over.
  • Pack & Prep – Clean and sterilize our surgical instruments. This position requires attention to detail and organization skills as surgical packs need to be cycled through several times during one day!
What to bring: 
  • Scrubs
  • Comfortable shoes
  • You are free to bring any piece of equipment you feel may aid you in doing your job
Clinic Support